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What I Teach


Used by graphic artists, designers and photographers, among others, and can enhance and manipulate images to improve their overall appearance. It's an excellent tool that makes photo editing easy and efficient.

Corel Draw

Used for editing vector graphics Each object can be edited separately, like the shape, colour, size and position can be changed. It's an lay outing an image editing software too



It's an ideal software for technical illustrators print media, graphic designers or even for those who wish to learn how to create web pages for online content. It is useful for designing logos, clip art, and resolution-independent illustrations. It's also useful for Fashion Industry.


After Effects

It's an digital visual effects, motion graphics, and compositing tool. Used in the post-production process of film making, video games and television production. After Effects can be used for keying, tracking, compositing, and animation.


Adobe Premiere Pro is a timeline-based non-linear video editing software. It is used for video editing tasks necessary for producing broadcast-quality, high-definition video. It is also used for commercials and other film, television, and online video.


Lightroom is a powerful tool to manage digital images. It allows importing/saving, viewing, organizing, tagging, editing, and sharing large numbers of digital images. Lightroom is photo management and photo editing, combined into a single tool.

Why choose me

Accurate record keeping

Always on time

Punctuality On Time is a Key of Success. and its a First Priority to me as a Professional.

Hard working

Every Step of My Career was Hard Work. Because i Believe in hard Work Pays Later.

Flexibility In Dates

I am Always Available for any Queries & Problems in Our Field related!


What Our Student say?

The Private Home Computers Tuition is really good, especially Mrs. Sapna Maniar, her way of teaching and giving attention to each student is nice. This Private Home Computers Tutions have made me very confident on taking the Internal exam. test and correction of answers are very useful.
It’s really great to be the part of The Dream Graphics Private Computer Tuition. After completing the course I felt as an complete changed more confident and motivated.My work portfolio helped me to cross the ocean on my way. And it helped me to be an good Graphic designer.
I am very thankful to my Private Computer Tuition as she helped me to achieve the skills I needed to learn. And today i am confident,skilled and motivated towards my work. And working successfully as freelance Web Designer.

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